Save Up-To 35% On Group Health Insurance Premiums With Flex Integrator

Save employers money on employee benefits and maintain quality coverage. Let us show you how.

Introduction/Overview section

The costs of employee benefits continue to rise. Now more than ever, employers are looking for solutions to save money. 

With Flex Integrator, employers can take control of their benefit package, provide quality coverage, and save substantial amount of money!


Flex Integrator combines multiple cost-saving products into a packaged solution where employers only pay for benefits they need and share savings with their employees.

Sample Scenario

Flex Integrator Plus Plan Comparison

Benefits of Flex Integrator

Flex can help your clients, prospects and yourself navigate this time of uncertainty.

Give your clients substantial savings

Get opportunities to win new business

Access to leading medical and ancillary carriers

Deliver immediate solutions on controlling costs

Smart App that Personalizes your Healthcare Experience

Make better healthcare spending and saving decisions with the My Flex Account Mobile App

Pharmacy discount card lets you save on prescriptions

Drug savings are searchable based on location

Alerts you to pharmacy savings opportunities

Cost transparency and quality rating for procedures in your area

Average cost insight for procedures in a specific geographic area

Generic drug recommendations when applicable for additional savings

What Our Clients are Saying

In all honesty, I cannnot imagine navigating these current challenges of our industry without the partnership of Flex.

I appreciate the service team's efforts to respond to our inquiries in a timely manner. I like that someone is always there to address our needs. 

Flex is our most valued resource and a must-have partner in the ever changing health insurance environment.




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