Flex Client Case Study:

 FSA Implementation for the City of San Antonio

Flex is a benefits administrator offering Consumer-Driven Health Plan administration and compliance services to employers of all sizes nationwide.

The City of San Antonio (COSA) is a major city in South-Central Texas with over 10,000 employees spread across many locations. They had been offering a Flexible Spending Account (FSA) as a part of their benefits package for several years but were unhappy with their current vendor and were looking for a change. 

As their new FSA vendor, we immediately set out to identify their pain points, address their specific needs, and plan for a smooth transition to ensure the least possible disruption. Read all about how we did it in our client case study.

What's Inside:

How we worked with COSA to identify and address their specific pain points

How we were able to deliver a better debit card solution to reduce employee frustration

How our client-focused approach was able to eliminate customer service letdowns

How the Flex implementation team was able to deliver an easy, painless onboarding process with minimal disruption for employees

About Flex

As a trusted benefits administrator for over 30 years, Flex offers employee benefit programs and compliance services built with employers in mind. We've got the tools and resources that employees want, along with the service and support employers need.

When you work with Flex, you get the ultimate combination of service and technology. Flex clients benefit from our industry-leading  technology, but never at the expense of excellent customer service. We specialize in personalized customer care and employer support. Flex is there every step of the way to make sure that your benefit plans run smoothly.