Make better healthcare spending and saving decisions with the My Flex Account Mobile App

Employee Expectations Have Changed

Technology has influenced employee behavior and changed expectations. They are no longer comparing goods and services, but instead experiences. As a result, they are demanding innovation, engagement, and personalization across every aspect of their lives, including healthcare.

The My Flex Account Mobile App Delivers

When it comes to your benefit plans, the My Flex Account Mobile App takes the guesswork out of healthcare spending and saving decisions. It includes a personalized, real-time, and self-guided experience that ensures you have access to not only powerful self-service capabilities such as viewing and managing your accounts, submitting claims, and accessing account alerts but also actionable insights that lead you down a path to better healthcare spending and saving behaviors. 

The My Flex Account Mobile App combines health and wealth in one location, giving you personalized low-cost, high-quality healthcare options and making you a smarter consumer of healthcare by guiding you to spend less now and save more for the future.

Real Time Rx

  • Pharmacy discount card lets you save on prescriptions and can be added to a digital wallet
  • Drug savings are searchable based on location
  • Prescriptions can be stored in a virtual medicine cabinet
  • Home pharmacy and drive radius stored in-app
  • Generic drug recommendations when applicable for additional savings

Opportunities Feed

  • Promotes activities that add value to your account
  • Alerts you to pharmacy savings opportunities
  • Max out prior-year HSA contributions
  • Reminders for plan-year deadlines
  • Option to switch to direct deposit
  • See your lifetime spend based on chronic conditions
  • Add insurance carrier to determine in-network vs. out-of-network providers

Cost and Care Insights

  • Predictive analytics of the relationship between chronic conditions and cost/lifetime spend
  • Takes into account your medical benefit plan to determine in-network providers and procedures
  • Find providers in your area for specific procedures
  • Cost transparency and quality rating for procedures in your area
  • Average cost insight for procedures in a specific geographic area

Download it Today!

The My Flex Account Mobile App is available on the App Store and Google Play.

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