HRAs Made Easy

Offset the ever-increasing cost of healthcare by adding an HRA to your consumer-driven healthcare strategy. Our industry-leading technology makes HRAs easy for your employees to use, and our dedicated support and service means less work for you. We take the hassle out of benefits administration so that you can worry about more important things.

Flexibility is in our Name

HRAs from Flex give you the freedom to design a plan that works for you and your employees. Our flexible HRAs are built around your plans and can be customized to many different plan designs. You choose the eligible expenses, contribution amounts, funding options and reimbursement schedules. We provide the education and resources to help your employees make the most of their plan.

Flex gives you the control and cost savings you want, along with the flexibility and protection your employees need. Best of all, funds are only withdrawn from the HRA when employees use their benefits. You'll also be able to track and analyze your HRA in real-time, with online access to your plan information and a full suite of customizable reports available.

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HRAs Have Never Been Easier

No more hunting for receipts and faxing in piles of paperwork. Flex makes it simple for your employees to get the most from their HRA. Our convenient carrier claims connections can be used to submit claims or to substantiate debit card transactions, drastically reducing tedious paperwork.

Plus, our user-friendly website and mobile app make it easier than ever for employees to keep tabs on their accounts. With an HRA from Flex, your employees get all the benefit with none of the hassle.

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An HRA that Works for You

Flex offers multiple HRA options that can be customized to fit your needs.

Integrated HRA

  • Integrates with any group health plan
  • Multiple plan design options
  • Multiple eligible expense options

Dental/Vision HRA

  • Used exclusively to reimburse dental and vision care expenses
  • Does not need to be integrated with a health plan
  • Can be stacked with a Health Savings Account

Qualified Small Employer HRA

  • For small employers who do not offer a group health plan
  • Used to reimburse individual health insurance premiums
  • Can also include all 213(d) eligible healthcare expenses

Retiree HRA

  • Only retirees are eligible are eligible for this plan
  • Primarily used to reimburse Medicare premiums
  • Can also include all 213(d) eligible healthcare expenses

Excepted Benefit HRA

  • Allows for reimbursement of COBRA and Short-Term Medical plan premiums
  • Can also include Dental and vision expenses
  • Annual reimbursement limits apply

The Flex Difference

One Card

Stacking HSA, FSA, HRA and Commuter Plans on one debit card makes using benefits simple

Flexible Options

With multiple transaction and reimbursement options, you can create a plan that fits your employees' needs.

Online Management

Easy online enrollment, contributions and plan management

Dedicated Service

Easy plan setup and personalized
customer service

Carrier Integration

Integrated claims and enrollment with leading health plans

Getting Started is as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

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That's it! You're ready to go.

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