Understanding HSAs

Learn the basics of HSAs, including eligibility, contributions, distributions and more.

Understanding Cafeteria Plans

Review the basics of Cafeteria Plans, including eligibility, contributions, reimbursements and more.

Understanding COBRA

Review the basics of COBRA, including Qualified Beneficiaries, Qualified Events, required notices and more.

Group Ancillary & Voluntary Sales Opportunities

Add further value and integrate ancillary/voluntary plans for increased commissions.

Get Ready to Sell Small Group Insurance

Get ready for the wave of small group opportunities with these strategies.

Blue Directions for Small Business

An innovative way to deliver health benefits for a small group and their employees.

Best Practices for Forming a Small Group

Learn what it takes to set-up a small group health plan.

Qualified Small Employer HRA

Realize how QSEHRAs help small businesses offer access to coverage.

Opportunity Knocks Small Group Sales

Selling group health insurance has never been easier; learh how today!

Aetna Alternate Funding Advantage

Level funded plans can be an ideal fit for many small businesses.