Federal COBRA

Federal COBRA Administration has become increasingly difficult for employers to administer with ever-changing subsidies, complex government guidelines and strict legal requirements. FlexCOBRA® offers an array of features and resources to seamlessly integrate COBRA administration for you and your employees, including:

In-house COBRA administration is a time-consuming process even when done correctly, but a risky endeavor when it’s not. FlexCOBRA is here to eliminate your COBRA burdens. Our quality services keep you in compliance with the newest government requirements, subsidy changes and eligibility notices. We offer a variety of features and resources that are designed to help you and your employees get the most out of FlexCOBRA.

Efficient Plan Coordination

  • Comprehensive services from initial notices to online reporting capabilities
  • Full compliance with Federal Regulations.

First Class Service

Simplified Web Access

  • Add and delete employees and dependents
  • Report qualifying events
  • Generate ad-hoc reports

Flexible Billing Options

  • Monthly option, or
  • Pay on a per qualifying event basis

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