Commuter Accounts

Before you pay too much for your next bus fare, train pass and/or parking commuter expenses, stop and take a look at Commuter Benefits.

Why Should I Enroll in Commuter Benefits?

Transportation costs are consistently on the rise for employees that pay to park, or ride a commuter rail to work. Commuter Benefits can help offset these costs through transit benefits for employees offering tax-free options for mass transit and parking reimbursement administration.

Enjoy tax savings on recurring eligible transit expenses through the power of Commuter Benefits. You'll get a first class experience that puts you in control with two plan options:

1. Mass Transportation Reimbursement Accounts

  • Pre-tax up to $255/month or $3060/year

2. Parking Reimbursement Accounts

  • Pre-tax up to $255/month or $3060/year

For more information about the features your Commuter Benefits offer, please contact Flex or your employer.