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Never Forget Where You Came From - Especially When It Comes To Business

Posted on September 26th, 2012

No matter where you end up in life, you never forget where you came from. Flexible Benefit Service LLC (Flex) was founded and is headquartered in Illinois. For more than 24 years, Illinois has been the foundation of our success. Now we want to pay it forward by helping other local businesses. Flex is now offering a way for the 136,000+ uninsured small businesses in Illinois to provide health benefits to employees. We call it the InsureXSolutions™ private health insurance exchange.

Small businesses work very closely with their patrons. That is why we think this consumer-driven approach works best. The InsureXSolutions health insurance exchange uses a defined contribution health plan model. So, no matter what size employer you are – you set a budget you are comfortable with and give your employees access to an online insurance marketplace were they can shop, compare and apply for health benefits. Whether your employees require plans for just themselves or their family, InsureXSolutions allows them to directly apply for health, Medicare, short-term and/or vision insurance.

Flex believes that small businesses think BIG and should have every chance to do so. Illinois businesses and health insurance producers should visit now or call 855-563-6993 to speak to our product specialists.

InsureXSolutions. Insurance Made Simple.

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