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What’s So Special About This Private Insurance Exchange?

Posted on September 11th, 2012

InsureXSolutions is a game-changer for some employers!

The much anticipated private health insurance exchange from Flexible Benefit Service LLC (Flex) has recently launched and it’s creating lots of excitement because of its unique features.

How is InsureXSolutions® unlike other private insurance exchanges?

  1. It promotes a defined contribution funding model for employers to truly manage and cap their costs. This is critically important for employers not currently offering group health insurance. They can now establish a fixed dollar amount for employees without having to worry about participation requirements or other unknown costs.

  2. It was created with the health insurance producer in mind. The InsureXSolutions insurance exchange allows Producers to earn commissions on individual health plan sales. This gives them further incentive to maintain solid relationships with all of their employer clients and prospects.

  3. It utilizes and integrates only our own resources and technology. There’s only one company involved within InsureXSolutions and that’s Flex. From the web site and online application process to the product specialists and call center, it all comes to the marketplace from Flex.

  4. It delivers a true end-to-end private insurance exchange solution. That’s right, it’s a turnkey program for uninsured employers to choose as a complete insurance experience for their employees. They simply get a quote and apply online for the coverage that fits their needs and lifestyle.

Now that you know the unique value-adds we offer, go to to experience our private health insurance exchange for yourself, or give us a call at 855-563-6993.

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