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Offer your clients and their employees the power to choose how much they will spend on health care and dependent care expenses with Flex125® group cafeteria plans. Flex125 is our packaged solution that bundles various group cafeteria health plan benefit options. Best of all, we handle all the administration and reimbursement tasks associated with the successful implementation of these plans, so your clients don’t have to.

Flex125 group cafeteria plans now offer enhanced scalable plan options designed to provide the best possible cafeteria plan experience for employers and participants, including:

  • Automatically bundled solutions:
  • Updated plan documents and summary plan descriptions
  • Multiple FSA funding options
  • FSA reimbursement frequency options for eligible expenses, including daily and weekly
  • Available 2-½ month FSA grace period
  • Rollover of up to $500 available for the Healthcare FSA
  • Flexible reporting options for Participant, Debit Card, Funding and Payment Reports
  • Full integration with our other Flex Plans, allowing stackable operation
  • 5500 reporting support, as required

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Flex125 Plan Features

Flex offers a variety of premium cafeteria plan features that are designed to help employers and participants get the most out of their Flex125 plan, including:

Plan Design Expertise

  • Development of custom benefit strategies
  • Review of funding strategies and benefit designs

Education & Enrollment

  • Pre- and post-enrollment communications
  • Simplified educational materials
  • Dedicated education and enrollment specialists to conduct meetings for  employees
  • Frequent e-communications about plan features, key dates, industry  news and more
  • Timely e-communications about plan activity for “Go Paperless”  participants
  • Digital enrollment kits (free) / paper enrollment kits (request pricing)

Simple Transactions

  • FlexMoney® debit cards
    • Automatically included for free
    • For FSA Health Care transactions only
    • No paying cash at time of purchase or waiting for reimbursement checks for eligible expenses
    • The FlexMoney Card® is issued by The Bancorp Bank pursuant to a license from Visa U.S.A. Inc. 
  • CrossTech®
    • Simplified, automated and paperless claims processing
    • No claim paperwork for participants to complete for reimbursement 
    • Secure information transfer between Flex and the insurance carrier, third-party administrator and/or, pharmacy benefits manager
    • Available to participants of our FSAs that are also enrolled in one of the following plans or vendors:
      • Blue Cross® and Blue Shield® of Illinois
      • Delta Dental®
      • IHS Health Solutions®
  • Direct deposit and traditional check reimbursement methods

First Class Service

Online Access

  • 24/7/365 web support
  • Direct access and resources for plan administrators and participants
  • Plan Administrators – Account balances/activity, Administrative updates, Forms, Participant access, Payment history, Plan details, Reports, Submit help tickets, Update participant access, And more!
  • Participants – Account balances/activity, Add/Update banking information, Claim status/activity, Forms, Payment history, Plan information, Submit claims online, Submit help tickets, And more!
  • Integrates access with other Flex Plans

Flex has been providing best-in-class group cafeteria plans since 1988. Unlike other service providers, group cafeteria health plan administration is at the core of our Flex Plans offerings. Our Flex125 group cafeteria plan administration services allow employers to bundle pre-tax benefit options, including:

  • FSAs - Health Care – Allows participants to plan ahead and set aside tax-free dollars for unreimbursed health care expenses, as defined by IRS Code Section 213(d).
  • FSAs - Dependent Care – Participants can pay for child or elder care expenses with tax-free dollars using a Dependent Care FSA. These expenses must be incurred while the employee is working or a full-time student, and must be for the care of a Section 125 tax dependent. Participants are reimbursed with tax-free dollars from their account after submitting a reimbursement form, along with other required information.
  • Non-Discrimination Testing – This annual testing ensures compliance with the IRS regulations of an employer’s Cafeteria Plan, Flexible Spending Account and/or Dependent Care
    Spending Accounts.
  • Premium Only Plans (POPs) – With this plan, the participant can pay for their portion of the group health insurance expenses on a tax-free basis. As health care expenses change, employee’s elections can also be adjusted.

Not sure which group cafeteria health plan options are best for your client? Contact your experts at Flex today for more information on selling Flex125.

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