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Posted on September 4th, 2018

How small businesses can use the power of benefits to make employees happy and improve the bottom line.

Successful businesses are built with engaged, fulfi­lled employees. When employees feel valued at work, they’re happier, more productive, and more likely to stick around. And bene­fits are a big factor. MetLife’s annual Employee Benefi­ts Trends Study shows how a competitive bene­fits plan enhances the employee experience and betters your bottom line.

More Than a Job

Today’s employees want their work and personal lives to complement and enrich one another. A workplace that supports employees’ personal and professional goals improves team motivation and loyalty.

64% of small business employees say their work skills make them a better person in their personal life.

Keep the Best & Brightest

One strong hire can elevate an entire business, but many business owners have a difficult time finding qualified employees. Enter better business benefits. Offering a comprehensive plan helps attract and retain top candidates.

More than half of small business employees say benefits are a main reason they choose to work at a company.

High retention rates save money. Replacing a senior employee can cost a small business an estimated 1.5 to 2 times the employee’s annual salary.1


Empower Your Employees

8 in 10 small business employees say having a good work-life balance increases their productivity and engagement at work. When you support employees with benefits that lead to a better life inside and outside the office they thrive—and so does your business.


Small business employees with a good work life balance are more satisfied, engaged and loyal to their employers.


The Benefit of Benefits

Did you know that less than half (42%) of small business employees are satisfied with the benefits they receive? Offering a wider array of options, particularly with non-medical benefits, allows employees to tailor their benefits package to their unique lifestyle and needs.

65% of small business employees say customizable benefits would increase their loyalty to an employer.

69% of small business employees say having benefits gives them peace of mind for the unexpected.

More benefits don’t always mean greater costs.

54% of employees say they’re willing to pay more to have choices that meet their needs.



To learn more about how benefits can enrich your workplace, contact your benefits broker or a Flex representative.



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